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2019-09-10 13:38:00

Doctor Who Infinity is a new game platform for experiencing the Doctor's stories, with 6 adventures coming by the end of 2018. 

Unique puzzle game play changes from level to level with increasing complexity, where characters like the Doctor, Missy, Jo Grant appear on the board, as do opponents like Daleks, bombs, vehicles, and time vortexes. You have never played anything like this before. The game design is an innovation on the award-winning puzzle mechanic used in Doctor Who: Legacy with the mechanics tightly intertwined with story, immersing you in the story.

- FREE download of the game allows you to play the introductory arc of the first story as well as an introductory section of all stories released on the platform.

- This only in-app purchases found in this game are for the purchase of each story, nothing else.

- Each story features a different Doctor from a different era of the show, including both modern and classic Doctors, companions, monsters as well as entirely new characters to discover!

- Brought to life by Michelle Gomez, Ingrid Oliver, Katy Manning, Bella Ramsey, Celyn Jones, Steffan Rhodri, Nick Briggs and other incredible actors, as part of an amazing audio experience overseen by the award-winning audio director of Monument Valley, Stafford Bawler.

- Each story is written by a major Doctor Who author: George Mann, Gary Russell, Scott Handcock (launch stories) and Jac Rayner, Mike Collins in post launch stories coming soon.

- Comic book artists Mike Collins, David Roach, Neil Edwards, Dylan Teague, Kris Carter, John-Paul Bove, Emma Vieceli, Patrick Goddard bring these launch stories richly to life.

PLEASE NOTE that this game is aimed at the adult Doctor Who fan, comfortable with mature, dramatic themes.

Accolades / Reviews:

**Winner of UK Game of Show at Game Developer Conference 2018 from UKIE!**

Doctor Who Magazine says "These are the best Doctor Who stories ever told in a video game".

“The game was stimulating visually, audibly and mentally. I really enjoyed the story telling. It felt like the sort of thing one might see in the actual television program... It was a really unique puzzle experience that I've not seen utilised in other games.”
-The Gallifrey Times

“Overall, The Dalek Invasion of Time is a fantastic start to Doctor Who Infinity. ...While the gameplay is more refreshing than what we’ve seen in Doctor Who Legacy, it’s the story and the presentation that’s the main draw for this series.”

"On the board you’ll have to battle Dalek gems, protect character gems, deploy character gems, etc...It’s an interesting tactic in a gem game, and it’s, dare I say, revolutionary?"
- Geeks WorldWide
Doctor Who Infinity是一个体验Doctor's故事的新游戏平台,到2018年底将有6次冒险。

独特的益智游戏玩法从一个级别变为另一个级别,复杂程度越来越高,像Doctor,Missy,Jo Grant这样的角色出现在棋盘上,像Daleks,炸弹,车辆和时间漩涡这样的对手也是如此。你以前从未玩过类似的东西。游戏设计是对Doctor Who:Legacy中使用的屡获殊荣的拼图机制的创新,其中机制与故事紧密交织在一起,让您沉浸在故事中。

- 免费下载游戏,您可以播放第一个故事的介绍弧以及平台上发布的所有故事的介绍部分。

- 这个只在这个游戏中发现的应用内购买是为了购买每个故事,没有别的。

- 每个故事都有一个不同时代的博士,包括现代和经典的医生,同伴,怪物以及全新的角色!

- 由Michelle Gomez,Ingrid Oliver,Katy Manning,Bella Ramsey,Celyn Jones,Steffan Rhodri,Nick Briggs和其他令人难以置信的演员带来生活,作为由斯塔福德纪念碑谷的获奖音频总监监督的惊人音频体验的一部分骂骂咧咧的家伙。

- 每个故事都是由一位主要的Doctor Who作者:George Mann,Gary Russell,Scott Handcock(发布故事)和Jac Rayner,Mike Collins撰写的即将发布的故事。

- 漫画书艺术家Mike Collins,David Roach,Neil Edwards,Dylan Teague,Kris Carter,John-Paul Bove,Emma Vieceli,Patrick Goddard将这些发布故事变为现实。

请注意,这个游戏是针对成年的Doctor Who粉丝,适合成熟,戏剧性的主题。



Doctor Who杂志说:“这是有史以来在电子游戏中讲过的最好的Doctor Who故事”。

- Gallifrey时代

“总的来说,Dalek时间的入侵是神秘博士无限的开始。 ......虽然游戏玩法比我们在Doctor Who Legacy中看到的更令人耳目一新,但故事和演示文稿是这个系列的主要吸引力。“

- 极客世界





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    幽草 发布于2019-09-11 04:14:22
    Doctor Who Infinity虽然玩起来困难,但确实是个好游戏,考虑手头三方面的结合性。 这个游戏的关键点是,每次挑战失败时总结一下,就会得到技术的提高和装备的喜悦。
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    二马 发布于2019-09-11 00:14:31
    今天,我看了这个Doctor Who Infinity的简介,声称这是最难过关的游戏。看到它后,我立即笑了。世界上有什么游戏我不能通过的关吗?我立即下载了游戏并对其提出质疑。经过几分钟的挑战,我果然卡关了。
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    无需被疼,自爱胜过被爱 发布于2019-09-10 22:49:15
    Doctor Who Infinity是真硬核游戏。游戏难度对我这个手残来说是比较高的,boss的伤害极高,一不小心就是被呼死了,蓝瘦。不过随着死的次数多了渐渐摸清了boss的套路,基本上也都能过。就是不知道有没有无伤过boss的大佬。