Neon Block Blast: Retro Brick Breaker Games

Neon Block Blast is a new brick breaker game in the style of classic retro games. It takes the simple and fun game play of those classics, adds a neon retro aesthetic, and provides endless brick puzzles for endless fun. Challenge yourself to survive longer and longer in the sci-fi inspired future of Neon Block Blast! [How to Play] ● Touch the screen to aim your ball - release to shoot! ●The ball will ricochet like a pinball, so find the perfect angles ● Use the ball to break bricks ● Bricks have numbers on them - each hit of the pinball lowers the numbers ● When the numbers reach 0, the blocks will be destroyed ● Like that game with the invaders from space, it's game over when the blocks reach the bottom, so break bricks as quick as you can! This brick breaker game play might sound simple and easy, but finding the perfect angles and ricochet path of your pinball is a bigger and more challenging puzzle than you might think! Just like old classic games and retro games, Neon Block Blast is no joke - if you can't break bricks fast enough, it's game over! [Features] ▣ A sci-fi cyberpunk neon retro aesthetic that will make your inner vaporwave fan jump with joy ▣ 100% free as in free games and free puzzle games ▣ Simple and fun game play that rewards smart thinking, careful aim, and good use of angles and ricochet ▣ Endless puzzles and endless brick breaker variations for infinite fun and challenge ▣ Various powerups add a new fun to the classic game play by adding lots of new ways to play brick breaker games So if you like simple and free classic games, Neon Block Blast is the perfect game for you! Step into the future of ball games and play endless puzzle games today! Ready? Aim. Shoot!
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